Our Capabilities

GDMC is designed for Collaboration. Our integrated manufacturing facility allows proximity and high engagement with our partners, optimising time to market.


Sqft Facility


Private Suites for Partners


Viral, mRNA, pDNA Production Suites + Modular Fill-Finish


Harmonized Manufacturing Line

GDMC’s fit-for purpose manufacturing lines create a seamless CGNT production workflow; all critical steps are controlled and executed in house, reducing tech transfer risk, delays, and overall complexity.

Flexible Fill Finish

Our fully automated -fill finish line is equipped with revolutionary flexible aseptic filling workcells that can be adapted to your filling needs as you move from Phase I to Phase III and even to commercial. It fulfills a variety of formats such as single or multi dose vials, syringes, or cartridges, filling up to 12,000 per day.

Comprehensive Process Support

GDMC maintains cGMP compliant warehousing and cold-chain storage, in-house quality control, assurance and analytics, while also assisting with IND fillings and documentation.

Partner Innovation Suites

We have private suites for our partners co-locate with our process development and manufacturing teams. Through daily collaboration and close technical support, we will expeditiously deliver against your design and process development needs.


Available in Research-grade, GMP-ready and cGMP-grade.

Plasmid DNA

Quality science begins with quality starting materials. GDMC manufactures pDNA in-house to guarantee consistency in our downstream bioprocesses, as well as design the perfect plasmid to suit your needs.

  • Custom vector design with standard vectors available
  • Vector design includes variation in promoters, enhancers and insulators
  • Specialized plasmids with minimal bacterial sequences
  • Cell banking available upon request
Messenger RNA

GDMC is a dedicated mRNA manufacturing service partner for innovators and startups looking for scale-up operations. Featuring IVT manufacturing technologies, we produce mRNA for direct therapeutics application, transient cell transduction or expression studies.

  • Post-transcriptional modification (5’ Capping & 3’ Polyadenylation)
  • LNP encapsulation with a wide range of lipids to select from
  • Option for incorporation of synthetic nucleotides
  • IVT transcripts starting from 100bp
Viral Vectors (AAV/AdV/LV)

GDMC’s viral manufacturing suite is designed to produce Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV)/Adenoviruses (AdV) and Lentiviruses (LV)/Gamma-retro Viruses. We offer a wide range of standard formulations as well as option to collaborate to create custom formulations that fit your requirements.

  • Highly stable and scalable suspension manufacturing processes
  • Wild-type serotypes readily available with custom serotypes on demand
  • Bespoke viral vector design and screening services available
  • MCB and WCB available upon request


Comprehensive Process Support

GDMC provides support beyond just manufacturing. We streamline and reduce the burden of regulatory processes on our partners’ drug development journey.

Regulatory Support

  • GDP compliant document management
  • Optional regulatory affairs support
  • IND filling support

cGMP Compliant Warehousing

  • GMP warehousing for storage of final products
  • Cold-chain and shipping logistics support for overseas trials
  • Regular audits and inspection for compliance

Project Management

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Consistent updates from relevant SMEs
  • Detailed timeline planning and milestone tracking

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