Our Philosophy

Partnership Development & Manufacturing Organization


Manufacturing is the difference between a science project and cured patients

Transitioning scientific innovations to clinical trials is dependent on successful manufacturing which requires tight coordination at various stages for technology transfer. Current workflows do not address this, narrowing the funnel for moving cutting-edge genetic medicines into clinical trials.

GDMC makes medicines manufacturable by engaging early and designing for manufacturability

With early engagements to design for success at the get-go, GDMC will lower barriers for technology transfer and work collaboratively with partners to ensure a higher rate of success. This is GDMC’s philosophy for opening the funnel to clinical trials.

How We Do It Differently

Current manufacturing entrenched in “Waterfall” style processes

The traditional “Waterfall” style processes adopted by traditional CDMOs force re-starts upon failures. This leads to significant delays in manufacturing CGNT products.

GDMC’s Parallel Processes in Design for Manufacturability

GDMC incorporates parallel processes and design for CGNT manufacturability, all under one integrated facility, right from the outset with our partners to decrease time to trial and patients.

GDMC Provides Continuous Support

Partner with Us.

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